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Aluminum Tower Docks

A custom built dock for seasonal fall removal and spring install

These docks are fixed at the shoreline so they can be raised in the fall and lowered in the spring for easy removal and installation. The tower component is built right into the frame so there are no heavy components to store for the summer. 

All of our Tower Docks are hand crafted by experienced welders using the highest quality Canadian materials and 6351 Aluminum. Each system features a welded marine grade aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware to ensure your tower dock will last a lifetime.  

Hand or Electric Winch Options Available Depending on System Size.

Packages include:

12' Dock Frames 
4' 6' 8' widths
Aluminum Fold-In Tower 
Stainless Steel Support Cables 
8', 12' and 16' Length
Add-On Frames Available 
(4' 6' 8' widths)
Dock Legs & Feet 
Bumpers and Dock Caps 
Fully Adjustable Turnbuckles

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Key Features

All T6 Alloy Aluminum

Our products are constructed of T6 alloy aluminum grade 6351. This means you are getting the highest quality marine grade structural aluminum in the marketplace. Aluminum not only resists any deterioration due to weather conditions but is also extremely strong and a manageable weight.

Concrete Counterweights

All Tower Docks are made with concrete counterweights, each one encased in a steel, frost-proof box or drilled and pinned with numerous steel rods. These docks, while light, are extremely rigid. Unlike competitor tower docks, you will not see a Naylor Tower Dock swinging in the wind or attached to a tree. They are strong, durable and provide a lifetime of stability on your property.


Our hand-crafted all 6351 Aluminum Docks are designed to last generations. Each of the joints are lapped and welded with cross-bracing and gussets, making our dock frames the strongest on the market. 

Exclusive Extrusions

Other dock, lift and railway manufacturers will shop for the best deal in aluminum extrusions, whereas our company designs and engineers its own products. Our extrusions are a Naylor Systems product, superior in all aspects and only available on our products.

Hidden Tower

During the season, your tower folds into the dock frame for a sleek and streamlined appearance. This allows your tower dock system to have the same look as any of the other beautifully designed docks available at Naylor Systems.

Vinyl Decking

Complete with our exclusive "Raindrop Technology", providing a long-lasting and extremely durable surface. Extruded in 2"x 6" depth and width this decking comes in attractive shades of white, grey, and tan.

  • Low maintenance, just pressure wash when desired
  • Lightweight designs for easy installation and removal
  • Aerated Core Construction means it is "comfortable to touch” in summer heat
  • A durable non-slip texture for wet and dry grip with a subtle “raindrop” design
  • Naylor Systems owned extrusion mold, guarantees a continuous design should you expand your dock
  • Rot Resistant and UltraViolet Protected

Western Red Cedar Decking

For a nostalgic look nothing can match the lasting beauty and durability of western red cedar. This decking option features only the finest, beveled-edged 2" x 6" cedar planks for a sturdy and traditional look. Whether you choose to stain your dock or leave it unfinished, you'll be amazed by the durability of this natural wonder.

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