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Marine Railway Accessories

These include hand winches , electric winches, cable roller crossers, adjustable rail supports, door slip-ins and a variety of bunk styles.

Key Features

Two Way Power Option

In situations where there are level areas on your property and/or in the lake, a “Two Way Power” option may be necessary. This option not only pulls your boat and railway carriage up on land, it also ensures that your boat will run freely and safely back into the lake.  This unit is custom designed for the length of your railway and is money well spent for many boaters.

Hand or Electric Winch Options

Our railways come with hand winch or electric winch options. The Hand Winches come with a brake and spec at 1800B - 2000B - 2500B - 3500B. The Electric Winch options are available in:

  • 3/4HP 110V
  • 1 HP 110V
  • 1-1/2 HP 220V
  • 2 HP 220V

Proudly 100% Canadian

All Naylor System products are built all year round by Canadians for Canadians at our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cameron Ontario. Our dedication to quality, craftsmanship and tremendous attention to detail have allowed us to be a leader in the industry for generations. 

Slip Ins

Our removable track section on our Marine Railways will to allow you to easily dismantle and store away the track in the off-season, providing complete closure of over-head doors in your boat house.

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