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A Naylor Boat Lift Saved My Boat

The Storm

On September 22nd, 2018 my wife and I headed up to our Cottage on Cedar Point (Southern Georgian Bay) for what we expected to be a quiet night celebrating our 10 year Wedding Anniversary. To our surprise, the worst storm to hit the area in decades had just arrived the night before.

Upon our arrival, our shoreline was devastated. The entire last two sections of our rock crib dock had been completely upheaved, displacing thousands of pounds of stones. The shoreline was littered with destroyed material from the surrounding area, 50lb chairs scattered across the lawn, our break wall in pieces, and any anything within 20ft of the waters edge dislodged. Our immediate concern was our boat, which was still in the water and less than 2 months old. We thought it was a miracle, but turns out it is just great engineering. Our boat and lift were completely unharmed. They had not moved an inch despite the magnitude of waves that crashed down upon them- waves that were high enough to come up over the stern of the boat itself. 

I first discovered Naylor Systems at the Toronto Board show in 2016. Prior to the purchase of our boat, I did extensive research on the various lift systems trying to determine if there were less costly alternatives. In the end, I trusted my gut and decided a lift was not something worth cutting corners on and made the investment in the Naylor a50V (5000lb) lift. The delivery and installation were seamless. After seeing first hand the lift get put to the test, we could not be happier with our decision. If I can make any recommendation to those looking at boat storage options:

If you are going to do a lift, do it right, do it Naylor. It literally saved our boat. 

Very Happy Customer

Patrick & Ashley
Georgian Bay

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